Deconstruction GTA San AndreasDeconstruction is the final and most difficult of the CJ garage missions.

Carl’s sister, Kendl, has been getting unwelcome attention from the nearby construction workers and Carl volunteers to sort them out and earn some respect.

The mission requires you to jump into a bulldozer and destroy all the portables within the time. The construction workers themselves re-spawn, so don’t waste time jumping out and shooting them. You can, however, shoot the driver of the other bulldozer which is worth doing as the other workers don’t jump into it. Also don’t start taking them out until you’re into the bulldozer as the clock will start and you will have lost valuable time.

You may notice a red marker which will allow you to get into the crane. Now you can use the crane to destroy some of the portables but it won’t reach all of them and takes up valuable time, so don’t bother. You can also use the rocket launcher or grenades on the portables, although you will be getting unwanted attention from the workers.

When in the bulldozer just keep moving to avoid the construction workers and the other bulldozer and you should have plenty of time to destroy the five portables. To destroy them pick up plenty of speed and then reverse to complete the job. Be careful to avoid the barrels which explode – hit two separate ones and you’ll destroy the bulldozer.

When you’ve destroyed the five portables, the foreman will appear from the portaloo and then run back inside it. Use the bulldozer to push him into the hole and then jump into the cement mixer to fill up the hole with cement. Avoid shooting the workers as this will attract the attention of the police and you’ll fail the mission. When you’ve pushed him into the hole, he’ll be buried inside and it’s mission complete.

You’ll also have unlocked the advanced driving school nearby, not essential to progressing the game, but a fun distraction and a chance to earn extra cash on the side.

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