555 We Tip GTA San AndreasIn 555 We Tip, Tenpenny is on the line with more crooked work for you, just when you thought you’d got rid of him.

He tells you to plant drugs in a D.A.’s car to frame him. Grab yourself a vehicle and head over to the hotel indicated by the yellow triangle.

There you’ll trigger a cut scene showing you the hotel valets. Quickly follow the red indicator into the underground car park and take him out either with a car or by jumping out and using a weapon. Put on his uniform and head back to the hotel to wait for your target. Make sure you’re first in line when the D.A. arrives – you’ll be told when it’s his car, but if not he’s more smartly dressed than the other customers and is easy to recognise.

Drive over to your garage where the drugs will be planted. You then have two and a half minutes to head back to the hotel – it’s plenty of time and you have to avoid damaging the car, so take your time and drive carefully. Damage the car and you’ll have to return to the garage to fix it. Take extra care heading into the underground car park not to scrape the car on the way in or on the back wall in the parking space.

Then it’s a sprint back to the hotel for the next part of the mission where you call the 555 We Tip line to snitch on the D.A. and pass your mission.

You’ve also unlocked the valet missions to earn a little extra cash, but will need to be in the valet uniform which is now part of your wardrobe in your saved properties.

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