Wear Flowers in your Hair is the only available mission at this stage of the game.

Carl sees the state of the garage he’s won and is less than pleased, but he decides to make a go of it after a little persuasion from his sister. First, you need some mechanics, so jump into the car with The Truth and go and pick them up by driving to the blue triangle which indicates the position of the red marker. Toot your horn to trigger the cut scene.

Next up is a drive to the hospital to find the second of the mechanics Dwaine and then on to the police station and another seemingly random journey to the next stop, the electronics shop, Zero RC, before you head back to the garage.

It’s something of a nothing mission, but at least it shows you a little of San Fierro and the chances are you’ll be spending a fair amount of time at the police station and hospital as you work your way through the missions.

When you’ve completed the drive and saed the game, Zero will give you a call asking for help and you’ve unlocked another set of missions.

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