Farewell my Love GTA San AndreasFarewell, My Love is the second of the illegal street races through the countryside tracks.

Much to CJ’s relief, Catalina announces that it’s all over and that she’s found a new man – amusingly for those Grand Theft Auto fans it’s no less than Claude from GTA3, making a welcome return. He at least should be able to deal with her moods!

After the relative jaunt through the countryside, this race is a little harder. You don’t have a choice of car for one. You may also notice that it’s the same track as the Wu Zi Mu race, only this time in reverse.

Again it’s all about making the most of the straights and staying on the track. Slow down for the corners and take particular care when you are beside the water as it’s easy to slide off and fall into the water.

In addition, the other cars are not as accident prone as the previous race, so you’ll need to work harder to get past them. You can always give them a tap as you go by to push them off the track. Try to get past early to avoid getting knocked off competing with the other cars, so you can concentrate on not sliding off the road.

You’ll need to win the race to complete the mission at which point Catalina hands you the deeds to a garage in San Fierro which will trigger a new set of missions later in the game when you head into the city on the second island. First though The Truth has some work for you.