Small Town Bank GTA San AndreasSmall Town Bank is one of the four robberies with Catalina and she’s as crazy as usual as she shouts at the staff in the bank.

You are armed with a shotgun and must keep it aimed at the staff to stop them setting off the alarm. If you don’t they will start shooting and you’ll be on your way to three stars. If they do trigger it, use the gun to deal with those attacking you.

Then you need to open up the ATMs. You can do this using the shotgun which will take two shots each to open them. There are three to open within the bank and then it’s time for your getaway attempt.

You take the back door to escape only to find a number of cops waiting for you, with some taking cover behind crates and others up above you. Take them out using the shotgun or switch to a SMG or M4 if you have one. Crouch for protection and accuracy and keep firing.

Then two cops on bikes approach who again you need to take out and steal the bike as you follow Catalina on your escape. There’s a unique jump which should see off at least one of the two police bikes that are in pursuit and you can either use your forward-facing or drive-by guns to deal with the other. Alternatively, he will usually crash without you needing to take him out.

Catalina falls off the bike back in town and needs you to rescue her. Drive up to her on the bike and she’ll jump on and you can head back the short drive to her hideout. Just keep moving to stay clear of the cops and go off road.

When you’ve made it back to the hideout, you’ll collect a cool $10,000 as reward to copping all that abuse!