In First Date you hook up with Cesar’s cousin, Catalina. If you thought OK Loc was bonkers wait until you meet Catalina, a psychiatrist’s dream case, with her mixture of amorous, paranoid violence urges.

Head over to the question mark which doesn’t show up on the zoomed out map, so you can only only follow the general direction as you make the long journey across to north Los Santos.

When you reach the small town there’s a red marker next to a bar which again doesn’t show up on the map, however you can just look out for the Pay’N’Spray marker.

In the bar you’ll find Catalina in typically relaxed mood as she takes on the drinkers inside armed with a knife.

And that’s it for this mission. It’s really just a long drive and a cut scene to trigger a set of four robbery missions you’ll carry out with Catalina.