Tanker Commander GTA San AndreasTanker Commander is one of the four robbery missions with the bonkers Catalina and her army of personal issues.

Catalina attempts to rob the (gas) petrol station, but the bulletproof glass foils the robbery. Changing her plan she hijacks the petrol tanker.

Hook up the cab with the trailer by backing onto it after which you’ll trigger a cut scene where the staff jump into a car to try and stop you stealing the tanker.

You’ll need to keep the tanker from getting destroyed before you reach your destination and there are different strategies you can take.

One is to take out the car early on leaving you with a relaxed drive by doing a drive-by or by jumping out and destroying the car with a rocket launcher or any other powerful weapon. You’ll need to be careful that neither Catalina nor the tanker get caught in the flames and cross-fire.

Be careful not to disconnect the trailer or you’ll fail the mission as, for some strange reason, the impatient Catalina won’t wait for you to simply reconnect it.

The other strategy is simply to put your foot down and head for the destination. The chasing car drives very erratically and you can use the tanker to crush it or flip it and sometimes it flips itself in the steeper sections.

When you reach RS Haul try to turn in gently rather than sharply to avoid losing the trailer late in the mission. Drive into the red marker to earn $5,000 and enable you to do the trucker side missions.

Catalina will drive off after which you’ll receive a call from a mysterious figure called The Truth, cue another long drive back to San Fierro.