Body Harvest GTA San Andreas
I’ve got a lovely combine harvester

Body Harvest is the first mission for hippy dude, The Truth, another of officer Tenpenny’s dodgy contacts.

Unsure whether he can trust you, he asks you to steal a combine harvester from his rivals before he cuts a deal with you.

It’s another long drive through the countryside so plot your route carefully to save time and use the dirt tracks on a dirt bike to go route one rather than winding your way along the endless roads.

When you arrive at the farm, you’ll need to steal the combine harvester which is located at the back of the farm as shown by the blue marker.

Ignore the tractors and survivalists on foot and just drive at speed straight to the combine and stop it and jump in. Likewise you can ignore them as you drive through the farm, particularly if you avoid the track and drive through the white fence to get back onto the road you shouldn’t have any real trouble with them and can just drive back to the marker. If any continue to chase you, jump out and take them out before proceeding.

Use the dirt track and drive route one back to the farm to complete the mission after which you’ll receive a call from Cesar triggering another set of missions as you tramp backwards and forwards across the countryside.