Badlands GTA San AndreasBadlands is the first of the countryside missions as you start to explore the newly available island of San Fierro.

Following on from The Green Sabre, officer Tenpenny has blackmailed you into taking out a witness and photographing the evidence. Jump onto the dirt bike nearby as you’ll be driving along some dirt tracks later in the mission.

Before you head off in search of the witness pop into Ammunation in Angel Pine just around the corner from your safehouse to stock up or pick up some of the freely available weapons further north in San Fierro or make the long trek back to Los Santos. Make sure you have a suitable drive-by weapon with a SMG the top choice.

Take care when climbing the mountain trails as it’s easy to topple off the edge and have to make the long journey back up.

When you reach the log cabin, you’ll find the witness surrounded by Feds who are guarding him.

The expected way to approach the mission is to take out the guards and then chase the witness in a car or your bike and performing a drive-by until he jumps out. Be careful not to destroy his car or you won’t be able to get the photo you need. Leave you vehicle on the road and facing back down the mountain, so you can jump straight on it when you need it.

Another way is to stealth your way up to the cabin keeping a close eye on the movements of the nearest Fed and take out the witness before he makes a run for it or you could even use a sniper rifle from distance and save yourself more trouble. Try approaching through the woods to the west. Don’t forget to take a picture.

You may pick up a wanted star in taking out the Feds, but as you’re in the countryside no other cops will be around to hassle you and by the time you are back down the mountain you’ll have lost the star. Take the opportunity to do an insane jump off the mountainside for a few extra dollars and a quicker descent.