The Green Sabre GTA San AndreasThe Green Sabre sees Sweet reconciled with CJ as he prepares to take on the Ballas in the final showdown, having reunited the feuding Grove Street families.

As CJ leaves his house he receives a call from Cesar urging him to come quickly as there’s something he simply must see. Head over to see Cesar under the freeway, although in reality there’s no time pressure at this point.

When you reach the red marker get into the blue car down the alleyway. There you’ll see some Ballas accompanied by Ryder and Big Smoke and officer Tenpenny. There also is the Green Sabre that was seen at the scene of CJ mother’s death.

CJ realises that Sweet is heading into a trap and implores Cesar to take Kendl to a safe house while he heads off to try and save his brother.

Head to the marker as soon as you can before Sweet’s health runs out. When you get there run over a Ballas or two as you head into the red marker to trigger the cut scene where a wounded Sweet implores you to leave. But no, not this time. CJ is staying to fight it out.

Then it’s a shootout with the Ballas, Double tap to crouch and use the cover available as the waves of Ballas approach you. If you have an M4 or an AK-47, then you should be able to take out the Ballas with relative ease. Try to blow up the approaching vehicles before the Ballas exit.

When you have taken them all out, the law arrives and Tenpenny puts a bag over your head and drive you out to the countryside to blackmail you into helping him deal with a few problems. They threaten that unless you help them, Sweet won’t survive his time in a prison hospital as he recovers from his injuries.

This starts a new save point and set of missions. More importantly you’ve reached the second island, San Fierro and can explore it without picking up instant stars. Also by reaching the second island you can now max out at five wanted stars.

Unfortunately, the cops have also stripped you of all your weapons, leaving you only with a camera, so it’s back to Ammunation to stock up. Thankfully there’s one in the town you find yourself in.