Los Sepulcros GTA San AndreasIn Los Sepulcros Sweet tells you of a Ballas funeral taking place across town after a tip-off from corrupt officer Tenpenny. It’s an opportunity for Grove Street to make a serious statement the growing gang war by taking out their leader, Kane.

Before you head over there, you’ll need to recruit a couple of Grove Street gang members to join you. Just tap on the two of them, then on the fist bump icon and they will get into the car. This is really just to show you how to recruit a fellow gang member and it can be used in missions going forward, as well as in gang warfare fights.

You have just over four game hours, four minutes, to reach the wall at the back of Los Sepulcros where you’ll sneak up on the Ballas. It’s quite a way, but just keep you foot down and out of trouble and you should make it with plenty of time to spare – just try to avoid a major pile-up and flipping the car.

When you reach the red marker, double tap to jump the wall. Tap the follow icon to get the gang members to cover you and then watch the red marker to show where Kane is relative to you.

If you have a SMG or even better the M4, then you can make short work of Kane and the other Ballas. If not, double tap to crouch and make your way across the graveyard towards him letting the other gang members take some of the fire and keeping a close eye on Kane.

He’s wearing armour, so it will take a few hits to take him out during which you’ll take fire from the other gang members, so watch your armour and health. When Kane is taken out finish off the other gang members and jump into the car.

You’ll have two wanted stars, so either head to a Pay ‘N’ Spray or just put your foot down to outrun the cops.