Reuniting the Families GTA San AndreasIn Reuniting the Families, Sweet has big plans for Grove Street. He wants to get all the old Grove Street families back together by first getting the drug Base off the streets.

All the Grove Street families are meeting at the Jefferson Motel and CJ as the usual designated driver is in charge of the wheels. When you reach the motel, Sweet heads inside and you and the rest of the gang have to wait outside as back-up.

When Sweet is inside the police arrive. Big Smoke and Ryder make a run for it, but CJ stays behind to protect his brother, Sweet.

You can shoot out with the cops if you want to, but you are better to just head inside to look after Sweet. Double tap to crouch, switch to a SMG or M4 and move your way through the building taking out everything in your path.

As you head upstairs a cop will jump out so make sure you’re ready for him – there’s another in the first corridor. There’s a vending machine on the ground floor if your health is low. Use the available cover, crouch to increase the accuracy of your shots and limit damage and peek around the corners as you progress through.

When you turn right into the main corridor, four cops will jump out so make sure you are ready for them. Take them out and then head into the first room on the left for a bizarre cut scene with the hooker inside who will give you a kiss and a hug to keep your pecker up, so to speak.

Keep on moving through the building carefully and head back down to the ground floor to the vending machine if your health gets too low. Just before you reach the final staircase, you’ll find Sweet in a room on the right.

You then both head for the roof where a police helicopter is waiting for you. If you’ve already acquired the rocket launcher, then a single shot will take it out, but just use the most powerful weapon you have until the helicopter explodes.

Then Ryder and Big Smoke decide to turn up and cause a massive police chase as wave after wave of cops chase the car and CJ tries to take them out with an AK-47 before the car gets destroyed.

Keep your finger on the trigger and keep an eye on the cars and bikes around you. Target the car tyres, bonnets and the driver of the motorbikes. When the cop jumps onto the bonnet of your car make sure you don’t end up destroying your car by shooting too low and firing into your bonnet.

Keep firing and target those closest to your car and it’s a case of holding out until the cut scene triggers and Big Smoke drives through the helicopter blades to complete the mission.