Follow That App has long been following the growth in Smartphone ownership as it gradually becomes the default device in the UK. Firstly, we noted that in terms of sales, Smartphones are the majority of handsets sold, but not yet the majority of handsets owned.

There’s more data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, whose stats are thankfully easier to digest than its company name… Smartphones – handsets that support apps in this definition – are now over two thirds of new handset sales at 69.1%.

And overall handset sales is getting closer to the magic 50% mark, with 43.8% of the UK owning a Smartphone. In terms of the individual platforms Android is suprisingly high at 49.9% (up from 29% last year) with Blackberry still doing well it the traditionally strong UK market at 22.5% and Apple coming in third with 18.5%.

Indeed, in the last quarter Blackberry were the top handset manufacturer selling 1.2m handsets compared to Apple’s just under 1.2m, Android of course being used across multiple manufacturers.

However, the iPhone 4S has just launched and these figures don’t take that into account, so expect to see Apple’s share grow based on its record breaking sales as we covered here.