It may not have been the all-new iPhone 5 that many were hoping for, but that doesn’t seem to have dented its sales. Like the 3GS upgrade, the internal makeover has proved a sales, if not yet a universal critical hit.

Apple have released pre-order figures showing that the 4S sold an impressive one million units in its first 24 hours beating the record of 600k for the iPhone 4. And the sales figures continued over the weekend making total launch weekend sales (if you’re lucky enough to count 3 days as the weekend) of four million units more than double those of iPhone 4.

Of course, there is an additional factor at play with the phone is available across three carriers (operators) for the first time, but the figures are impressive all the same.

And now the iPhone 4S is available to pre-order now in 22 additional countries, including us here in the UK.

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