Trucks and Skulls NITRO
Finally an answer to the question, what do you get if you cross skulls and trucks? Mayhem.

Trucks, Skulls and the Angry Birds formula, it should be a dream combination but falls short.

Noisy trucks. Exploding Skulls. Boiling larva. Carnage. What’s not to love? It takes the Angry Birds concept to the extreme with this rather tongue-in-cheek parody.

The levels grow in difficulty but there is enough variation in vehicle and setting to keep the gameplay interesting with different trucks and even some cheats to unlock if you are willing to spend the time collecting the required coins or just fork out for the in-app purchase.

And it’s free, sort of, if you have the time to spend (you’ll need a lot) to earn enough coins to unlock the more powerful trucks. Not that we begrudge them using the highly successful freemium model to make money from their app.

Don’t love
We wanted to love this, we really did.

But really it just falls short in comparison to the Angry Birds that it parodies – the graphics, sounds, gameplay and addictiveness are just not of the same quality. It’s also easier – great for progressing through the levels quickly, but not so great for holding your interest.

There’s much to like about this wonderfully silly take on Angry Birds, but not quite enough to love.

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Fanboy store review: “Blatant rip-off of Angry Birds… And I love it! Imitation is the best form of flattery. This is such a great free game…”

Meh store review: “Uninspired rip-off of Angry Birds and only way to progress is with in app purchases. Bored after a few goes and deleted…”

Get it from iTunes: here.