Continuing our series of how to posts on the top App Store games, here we look in detail at the phenomenon that is Angry Birds and the first of now six themes, plus of course the famous Golden Eggs.

Ever helpful, the developers at Rovio have put together a great series of walkthrough videos that will help you finish every level, earning the elusive three stars along the way. Of course half the fun is in working them out yourself but given the huge numbers of levels available in the game, very few have the time to get three stars on every level, so we’re all entitled to a little assistance once in a while.

Let’s hope you don’t need help on the very first level or this could take some serious time to complete, but we’ve include the first few videos in any case just to help you get three stars.

In our experience of ploughing through the levels, it’s often a change in strategy that’s required whether an aerial bombardment or a strategic strike on a vulnerable piece of piggy architecture.

On with the walkthroughs – how to complete Poached Eggs:

Poached Eggs 1 Levels 1-5

1 Levels 6-10

1 Levels 11-15

1 Levels 16-21

Poached Eggs 2 Levels 1-5

2 Levels 6-10

2 Levels 11-15

2 Levels 16-21

3 Levels 1-5

3 Levels 6-10

3 Levels 11-15

3 Levels 16-21 (you’ve made it onto Mighty Hoax!)