Tennis Tour review
Great gameplay, average graphics

Tennis Tour, a Follow That App of the Week, is one of our favourite apps of the year. If you ignore the stickman graphics, it’s realistic enough to play, challenging enough to play often and has an addictive tour mode to keep you interested.

While those towards the bottom of the rankings can be despatched with some simple cross-court shots, how do you beat the very best on Tennis Tour?

If you’re stuck outside a top 10 ranking or want to reach the very top then help is at hand with our tactics guide to beating top ten players:

1. You’ll need to keep them on the move by switching play from side to side and varying your length. If you tap it back to them with little power prepare to watch it smacked back past you.

2. Keep up your power or again they’ll dominate the rallies.

3. Make sure you watch where they are standing. They generally stand slightly to the left or right. Build up your power and send a deep or drop shot to the opposite side. While it won’t generally win the point outright, it should open up the court for a follow up shot. This is the key to dominating when they come to the net – watch them and then swipe your finger at the last minute to change direction and you’ll find a pass more often than not. Once you’ve got the hang of this you can draw them into the net with a drop shot or two and then smack it past them.

4. Mix it up. Often during a long attritional rally of deep, full power top-spin shots, a slice will force an error, although be careful, do it too often or repeatedly and the player will latch onto it.

5. Top tip – and this is almost a cheat. Check to see if they are standing right on the baseline and if so, send a deep straight shot right at their feet and frequently they’ll send it into the net. This is also a good tactic to return a serve and wins you plenty of ‘free’ points.