My post on the launch of Google Chrome was one of the top 10 posts of 2008, so I should follow up now Chrome is out of beta.

There remains much to admire, but still much to come until this gets nearer to replacing my current browser choices.

The biggest of all remains the lack of an extensions platform that make Firefox such a useful browser. As they said at launch and again coming out of beta, this remains in the pipeline. Given its importance to browser users, it might have been a better time to come out of beta when this platform actually launches – even better when the Mac and Linux versions were ready.

Flash also remains inconsistent in Chrome for some (hardly unique to Chrome though) and given its near 100% penetration is an important consideration, particularly on older versions of Flash which many locked down corporate users are forced to use. Finally, as Google admit, better RSS support and auto-complete for forms would be welcome and is on its way.

Certainly a step forward, but as yet no world-beta (ouch)!