Regular readers of this site and watchers of its associated YouTube channel will know that we love a glitch. 

The vast world of GTA 5 with its infinite potential interactions offers equal potential for glitches, but as a ‘living’ game, regularly patched, glitches are harder to find than you might think.

However, if you are prepared to look hard enough and try physics-bending things within the game, then you are in luck.

The old GTA favourites are there to be found in Ghost World – where walls become transparent, Blue Hell – where you can fall through the map into an empty void and physics fails with characters and vehicles alike.

In these three videos we run through some of the best we’ve found. From AI planes landing on the beach, characters merging into one, random deaths, crazy pedestrians and drivers, to cops and soldiers going undercover in civilian vehicles.

And all of the glitches in these videos are achieved without mods – that would be a whole other series of randomness and one we’re looking forward to showing you!

See below for the videos. Let us know of any others you’ve found by leaving a comment…

1. Best GTA V glitches (part one) – physics edition

2. Best GTA 5 glitches (part two) – vehicles

3. Top GTA 5 glitches (part 3) – breaking the game