Grove 4 Life GTA San AndreasSweet is back on form and looking to restore Grove Street to its former glory. He persuades Carl to head into Ballas territory in Idlewood and take it back for Grove Street.

This is another standard gang warfare mission. Drive over to Idlewood, picking up a few gang members on the way if you want to. When you get there, you’ll have to take out three Ballas to trigger a gang war.

Deal with the three waves, keeping an eye on Sweet’s health and then it’s onto another purple marked Ballas hood in Idlewood. Alternatively just leave Sweet behind and you don’t have to worry about him, even though the game will tell you go back and get him. Amusingly, if you leave him behind you’ll still hear his voice in the car!

If you’re struggling with this mission, make sure you pick up the free health and armour that spawns with each wave. Also check the position of the Ballas to make sure you don’t get yourself surrounded. Use the AK-47 and fire it at a distance just in range and the Ballas won’t fire at you until they are closer.

Complete the mission and then head back to Grove Street to the red marker where Sweet will give you a $10,000 share of the money taken from one of the Ballas.

There is a bug with this mission sometimes whereby after the first Idlewood area is taken no Ballas appear. If this happens, end the mission by getting busted or killed and then restart it and it should work fine.

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