Beat Down on D Pup GTA San AndreasBeat Down on D Pup sees Carl and Sweet continue to sweep up the drug problem that’s destroying their community. After narrowly avoiding temptation himself, Carl persuades Sweet to head over to the dealer, D Pup’s house to deal with him.

When they arrive they find out that D Pup moved out a long time ago to Glen Park. Over you go to provoke a gang war. It’s the usual format with three waves of attack, although this time you need to keen an eye on Sweet’s health. While you’re there, you can pick up the oyster that’s in the middle of the lake…

Deal with all three waves while keeping Sweet alive and it’s time to confront D Dup himself. Guards are stationed outside his house. You can use a sniper rifle or just a heavy weapon to take them all out.

When they have all been dealt with step into D Pup’s house to trigger the cut scene. Sweet then takes Bear off to rehab and it’s onto the next mission.

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