Saint Marks Bistro GTA San AndreasSaint Mark’s Bistro is the final mission for Salvatore and a chance to head off to Liberty City which veteran GTA 3 players will remember. It’s worth topping up your health and armour before you start.

Salvatore asks you to do a hit on the Forellis. Pick up a classy ride on The Strip and head over to the airport and fly the plane to Liberty City as indicated by the yellow marker. Fly at the height at the top of the first white height indicator and keeping heading east until the cut scene triggers. You’ll then find yourself in Liberty City inside the bistro.

Crouch to stealth mode, select your most powerful weapon and start firing using the natural cover in front of you. Be careful as the Forellis have powerful weapons and there are lots of them to deal with. Throwing a grenade or two over the balcony helps even up the odds a little. More guards emerge as you go through each of the rooms, so check around the corner before proceeding. Fire as you turn each corner. Forelli himself will have a red arrow above his head, but no matter, just keep shooting.

When you’ve taken him and all the guards out you’ll find yourself back in the jet. Unfortunately, there’s no way to take a tour around Liberty City – you’ll need to get GTA 3 for that…

Land safely for $20000 and more respect points. You’ll then receive a call from Salvatore congratulating you on a job well done and asking you to keep a low profile. Everyone wants to talk it seems – Woozie calls to check the heist is still on and Sweet calls from jail full of despair despite Carl’s reassurances that he’s going to get him out.

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