Are You Going To San Fierro GTA San AndreasThe race is complete and you’ve finally ditched Catalina. Now what? Step out of the car and answer your cell phone to trigger the next mission.

On the line is The Truth in typically paranoid mood. Head over to him via the long drive to start the mission.

The Truth has a van full of the green stuff for Tenpenny. However, there’s a chopper overhead which means the cops are on their way and you need to help The Truth destroy his crop before they get there. You’re armed with a flamethrower.

You need to burn all of the fields marked with red dots in five and a half minutes, but be careful – step too close to the flames and you’ll be burnt, so judge your distance carefully or it’s back to square one. You can fire through the glass of the greenhouses. Use the flamethrower at an angle to keep yourself from getting burnt.

One tip is to complete the Firefighter missions as you’ll then be flameproof, but it’s not essential. You can also use your satchel bombs as an alternative, but the flamethrower will do the job.

When you’ve destroyed the crop head over to speak to The Truth. Switch your weapon to one that allows you to run if you’re short of time.

It’s time to take out the chopper! The Truth hands you a rocket launcher. If it’s moving aim slightly in front of it and fire. If it gets away from you, switch to another weapon, so you can run and catch up with the chopper.

Once it’s destroyed, jump into the van and head over to the garage you won on the island of San Fierro to unlock a whole new island and set of missions. Just be careful you don’t crash the van or you’ll have to start all over again, as it’s not the most stable ride.

Drive into the red area and use the save point nearby.

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