Tagging up turf is the first of the missions for Sweet. Head over to his house and he hands you a spray can as you set about reclaiming territory for Grove Street.

Jump in the car and the first part of the mission is easy. Just stand in front of the graffiti and use your spray can to convert the two tags to Grove Street.

Next up, you head over to Ballas territory to spray over some more tags. This time armed Ballas are on the scene down the alleyway for the second of the tags.

The easiest way to deal with them is to jack a passing car and run them over, although you can just be quick and run off. You can use any guns you’ve acquired although you will risk picking up a wanted star in the process. It’s also handy to have a vehicle to drive you to the next location.

For the third set of tags, you double tap to jump over the two sets of fences and then swipe up on the direction circle to climb over the second fence. Climb up the wooden crate on the left to get you onto the roof where you’ll find the final tag.

Then you just need to drive back to Sweet’s house where you’ll pick up $200 and gain some respect points. You’ll then receive a phone call from Officer Hernandez warning you not to leave Los Santos – if you do you’ll get four wanted stars.