In the beginning is the introductory mission in San Andreas. That is if you can call it a mission.

You play Carl Johnson, CJ, returned from the east coast’s Liberty City after five years to bury his mother. Corrupt cops intercept your journey from the airport and after threatening to frame you for shooting a cop throw you out of the car into your rival gang’s territory, the Ballas, easy to recognise in their purple to your Grove Street green.

There’s a bicycle nearby. Walk up to it and hop on, although you can skip that and just walk ahead to the street, stand in front of a car to jack it and get yourself some proper wheels. Run over a few of the Ballas for good measure and you’ll have some cash to start you off as well. If you run into the Ballas unarmed and get wasted it doesn’t matter at this stage as you won’t fail the mission as technically you haven’t started on yet, so the only damage will be to your pride.

Drive or ride over to the ‘CJ’ indicated on the map and walk into the red marker to trigger the missions proper.