There are 19 regular convenience stores that you can rob in GTA V to make some quick cash.

They are not shown on the regular map without mods, so in the video above you’ll find maps showing the locations of each one – supermarkets, liquor stores and gas stations.

Technically, there’s another store you can rob, the Liquor Ace on Algonquin Boulevard in Sandy Shores near Trevor’s safehouse, but that’s only possible during a multi-player mission in Online.

To perform the actual robberies, you just have to point a weapon at the cashier or, if he’s run off for whatever reason, then you can shoot the tills. Doing either will pick you up wanted stars and the cops arrive remarkably quickly, so it’s worth having your getaway vehicle parked right at the entrance or even a motorbike parked inside, or you’ll lose more from the $5000 hospital fee than you gain in the robbery itself.

If you have wanted stars or have recently robbed one of the stores, then it won’t be open.