In Big Smoke the memories come flooding back to Carl about his mother. Big Smoke mistakes you for a burglar, but after recognising you takes you off to the funeral to meet your sister Kendl and your brother Sweet.

As you survey the graves of your fellow gang members, arch rivals the Ballas attempt a drive-by and you and the rest of the gang need to make yourselves scarce.

Jump on the bicycle and follow Big Smoke through the city. The Ballas in their fetching pink car will attempt to take you out, so make sure you keep up with Bike Smoke and the others checking their route on the map. If you have a a weapon you can fire at the Ballas car to try and destroy it. However, if you stop it you can’t jack it as the car doors are locked.

After a while you separate as the Ballas car catches up and you need to follow Ryder. From there it’s simply a case of keeping up with Ryder as the Ballas car should be now behind you. As long as you don’t get wasted or destroy your bike, you’ll pass the mission from here and will have unlocked a save point as marked by the floppy disk icon on the map (whatever floppy disks are these days…).

You can park your bicycle in the garage next to your house, although there are far better vehicles to be storing in there as you progress through the game.