Radio Alan reviewApp-ahh, Radio Alan: The Alan Partridge Player comes to the iPhone and is a worthy addition to the Partridge media empire.

With Alan Patridge hitting the silver screen with the Alpha Papa movie, it’s hardly surprising to see a new Partridge app hit the store.

However, Radio Alan is a standalone and quality app that blends your iTunes collection with snippets of bespoke Patridge audio to give the impression that Alan himself is spinning your favourite tunes on North Norfolk Digital.

The audio is classic Partridge – a mixture of the mundane, clumsy, awkward trademark lines that are his trademark.

Better still is that, while there is an in-app purchase to purchase more of his nonsense, there’s plenty of audio included with your original purchase.

Best of all is when the app recognises one of the tracks from your playlist and Alan himself introduces your track.

Don’t love
It may be a reflection on our iTunes collection, but it was a long wait until Alan recognised one of our tracks and gave a bespoke intro. We also weren’t sure if the option for Alan to rate your iTunes library was entirely random, but maybe that’s the point. Thankfully ours was rated ‘Sa-aa-aaad’ which is about right.

The iTunes playlist also featured podcasts which seemed a golden opportunity to find out what Alan thought of our favourite Wheels of Wisdom podcast, but unfortunately the app just started playing an elevator music track rather than the audio.

The audio levels were also a little quiet compared to the songs which meant we had to keep adjusting the sound levels.

Pure Partridge in your pocket in a surprisingly substantial and original idea that’s much more than a piece of marketing for the movie.

Get it on iTunes here.