Learn self-hypnosis with Patrick BrowningHypnotherapy is an increasingly popular area of the app marketplace. Learning how to motivate yourself, deal with phobias, health issues and understanding more about how your sub-conscious works, are all possible with a Smartphone and a set of headphones.

Patrick Browning is a leading clinical hypnotherapist based in London who got in touch with us to ask for advice on creating an app. Given his reputation and the breadth and depth of audio content he makes available to his clients, we decided to get involved.

The app itself is a free download on Apple’s App Store initially and comes with a session teaching you how to use self-hypnosis. This is the starting point both for motivating yourself to achieve your goals, but also to provide you with the key skill to get the most out of the other sessions available in the app.

At launch, the following sessions are available through an in-app purchase:

  • Using self-hypnosis
  • Relax into sleep
  • Headache relief
  • Weight control
  • GCSE relaxation
  • Forgiveness
  • Forget to blush
  • Childbirth imagery
  • Immune system imagery

Further information about Patrick Browning and hypnotherapy itself is available in the app, along with the ability to request further sessions for expedited release.

Early reviews:

“This app really helps me sleep (5*)
by VikingFish71
I’m usually a real cynic about these types of apps. But I have to say that I’ve never felt so relaxed in my entire life and the sleep lesson made me go to sleep and I never heard the end of The session as i was fast asleep snoring!! Don’t be old cynic like me and just give it a go and I promise you will feel so so relaxed.”

“Very soothing (5*)
by Popicok
Patrick had a very soothing and calming voice. The introduction to hypnosis he’s put together is a great way to get started in self hypnosis. His guided approach is very reassuring as he takes you step by step to achieve a deeply relaxed state where you can just be or use to give yourself positive suggestions.”

Get it on iTunes here.

Disclaimer: as stated above, we’ve been involved in the development of this app. The app is free to download, so judge for yourself and then give further sessions a try.