The Driver - GTA Vice CityThe Driver sees you attempt to persuade another member of the team to join, this time the neurotic getaway driver, Hilary. Only this getaway driver has abandonment issues and won’t do the job unless you can beat him in a race, cue another checkpoint challenge!

This time you don’t have any choice over the car you use and you can’t blow him up either with a rocket launcher as you need him as your driver.

Once the race gets underway the cops are on to you and you instantly gain two stars which adds a little more spice to the race. As usual with checkpoint challenges, the key is not losing valuable time crashing the car and to look ahead on the radar to see where the next turn should be or you risk making a wrong turn and almost certainly losing the race.

Strategy for winning the race

The driver in question is indeed a good driver who doesn’t make many mistakes. However, you are in a slightly faster car, so it’s down to you making as few mistakes as possible.

You should be able to get alongside him on the first straight but be careful of the first right turn which often gets you into trouble, so line it up carefully and then stretch out on the long straight that follows.

If you fancy improving your odds, then smash the back of his car off course when you round the first corner or likewise send him into the walls when drawing alongside, but bear in mind he has a heavier car and is not easy to ram off the road with your Sentinel.

You can also park a faster car, such as a Cheetah or Infernus in front of the Malibu Club and jump in although it is still difficult to catch up with Hilary while you jump in and out of cars.

Unfortunately, the Sentinel you are driving is not the best handling vehicle in the game even though it’s reasonably fast. It’s all about getting your corners right and then pulling away in the straights.

Avoid crashing and you will be fast enough to beat him – even then you’ve probably time for one mistake and will have earned yourself a driver, plus $3000 into the bargain.