No Escape - GTA Vice CityNo Escape is the first of the Malibu Club missions, the priciest asset in the game and source of some of the most entertaining missions as you plot a bank raid.

As the first part of the bank raid set of missions, you’ll need to break Cam Jones, safe cracker extraordinaire out of police custody. Before you start the mission top up your health and body armour as a shootout is on the cards.

When you arrive at the police station, park a fast car ready for a swift exit and make sure that you aren’t carrying any weapons at this point by swiping to the fist weapon icon.

To make the mission much easier use the police uniform usually found in the locker room on the left on entering the building, which you get through walking into the purple indicator – you’ll need to move quickly or it disappears. You can still complete the mission without it using an assault rifle, but you risk running out of health.

Move swiftly up to the upper level found through a right turn at the end of the corridor. If you’re not wearing the police uniform, you can take out the cops but they keep spawning on the middle level, so there’s no real point.

Once on the top level head into the room opposite and retrieve the key code as well as picking up the hidden package if you haven’t already. There are three cops on this floor who, again, won’t fire if you have police uniform on. On exiting this room there’s a health icon in the room to your right if you need it.

Go down to the lower level and retrieve the key card at which point you’ll have three wanted stars. Use your assault rifle to clear a path and exit the building making sure Cam Jones is behind you.

On exiting the police station take out those cops around you and jump into the car you parked earlier.

Then it’s a race over to the Pay’N’Spray to the north to lose those three stars. Once you have, head back over to the western island and to the purple indicator to complete the mission.