Cap the Collector - GTA Vice CityIn Cap the Collector, Sonny Forelli is back in town and looking to collect his slice of your business. Make sure you start the mission with a fast car. Three sets of mafia men on bikes will now attack your businesses across down and its down to you to stop them before they collect their ‘taxes’.

The first bike starts at the dockyard, but it’s hard to reach them in time, so can be better to catch them on their way to Sunshine Autos, their most likely next destination.

Either drive-by and smash them off their bikes or if you’re there already use the rocket launcher or M4 to deal with them, but be careful as they are heavily armed. Then another bike will appear and finally one more all of whom you can deal with in the same way.

As they are relatively quick on their bikes, keep a close eye on the map and work out which of your assets they are trying to hit next so you can intercept them. Get the planning right and you should be able to complete the mission relatively easily. Too slow and it’s a real problem chasing them across town as they hit your businesses one by one and cost you cash – if you can’t catch up with them it can sometimes be best just to start again and focus on getting them early.