Hit the Courier - GTA Vice CityHit the Courier is the second and final mission at the Print Works as your money printing scam takes shape. Armed with the information from the security officer in Spilling the Beans.

The plates are arriving at the docks by police helicopter shortly, so it pays to have a fast car or bike handy nearby to get you there in time.

When you get to the docks there are a number of heavily armed ladies waiting for you. Keep back and use the rocket launcher or M4 to shoot them at distance. As you head nearer there are many others waiting for you around the corner, so keep shooting until the area is clear. By this time you’ll pick up a couple of wanted stars.

If you’re too late the courier will jump in the car and try to escape in which case you’ll have to hunt her down with a drive-by or by smashing into the car, not always the easiest when you have two wanted stars and the cops on your tail.

Far easier is to clear the area as above and then just shoot the courier when she exits the helicopter. Then just climb in the helicopter and fly back to the Print Works untroubled.

What’s more the Print Works will generate a very tasty $8,000 a day, just the job if you’re short of cash to buy the Malibu Club and unlock arguably the best missions in the game as you carry out a bank heist.