Spilling the Beans - GTA Vice CitySpilling the Beans is the first Print Works mission as you move into money printing business. First you head over to the Malibu Club to see Kent Paul who has his usual good sources of information.

He tells you to go and hustle the security officer at a shipping company down in the docks on the Chartered Libertine Lines boat who will know when a new set of money-printing plates is due to arrive. This is one mission where you’ll need some body armour and handily there’s some opposite the boat on the other side of the road, as well as a health icon on the walkway up to the boat.

You could take out some of the security guards with a sniper rifle, but the guards spawn once you’re on the boat, so there’s not much point. Head to the front of the boat firing as you go with an M4, or machine gun if you want to move quicker, and go up the steps on the port side taking out the guards who are waiting for you up the various staircases until you reach the security officer.

There’s some more body armour on the right hand side as you go up a couple of levels of steps, so top up while you can…

Then it’s a sprint back to the print works through the guards on the boat – you’ll also have picked up two stars.

The quickest way to exit is to jump off the side of the boat and incur some minor damage, although make sure you don’t fall into the water! Or take on the guards as you run, but don’t stay and wait for them as they re-spawn.

Lose the stars at the Pay’N’Spray or just head back to the Print Works given it’s just around the corner anyway and with only two stars, it’s easy to stay clear of the cops.