Martha's Mug Shot - GTA Vice CityIn Martha’s Mug Shot you turn Private Eye to help solve a potential legal problem affecting the movie as a politician, Shrubb, is set going to try and shut down your area of the entertainment industry.

You’re given a camera and the option to jump into a helicopter, or you can just use a car if you prefer. Your task is to follow Candy to Shrubb’s penthouse suite and take some compromising pictures with which to blackmail him. Follow at a reasonable distance and try to avoid the temptation to start taking shots at their car as they slowly make their way to the hotel.

When Candy reaches Shrubb’s suite, park you helicopter (or car) on the beach behind the building indicated on the map. There’s a side door up some steps on the north side of the building.

Climb all the way up the stairs and down a corridor and you’ll have a view of the pool where you just point the camera, as with a sniper rifle, and take three pictures. There’s no rush as there’s not a time limit on this mission.

Once you’ve taken three pictures, you are spotted and suddenty have five wanted stars and what’s more the building is packed with Feds. Wind your way back down the stairs carefully – a few floors down are some Feds waiting for you. If you keep the left of the stairs you can swipe to see where they are. If you’re careful you can actually get a shot with a sniper rifle through the stair bannister without them being able to fire at you.

When you reach the bottom of the stairs, there are more Feds waiting for you, but you can hit them with an M4 or sniper rifle as you’ll be out of range. For some unknown reason, they just wait for you rather than charging towards you.

You then exit the building. If you want to lose a star quickly, there’s one just outside the hotel on the other side of the road which you can run into.

Next head back to the relative safety of the beach and into your helicopter making sure to check that no cops are immediately behind or you’ll get busted. Alternatively, you can take your chances in a car at the Pay’N’Spray to the west.

Now head back to Prawn Island in the chopper, although you may take on fire from the police helicopter unless you’re moving quickly. Land right next to the purple indicator and you’ll have passed the mission and earned $4,000.

If your helicopter is hit and bursts into flames, press the exit button, and bizarrely you will usually survive the fall and will then have to take your chances on the ground, unless you’re unlucky enough to have to bail out over water in which case that’s mission over…