G-Spotlight - GTA Vice CityIn G-Spotlight, it’s the premiere of the movie and time for you to do your bit to promote it through a big stunt.

The mission involves a series of motorbike jumps with the ultimate goal of repointing the searchlights on the top of a building to light up the night sky, though quite why you can’t just enter the building or fly to it is a mystery…

Conveniently enough there’s a PCJ-600 parked by the exit of the movie studio, so hop on and head over to the area indicated on the map. You need to use this type of bike as the other bikes in the game won’t be fast enough to make the jumps.

Try not to damage the bike as you head over as you’ll need it in good condition for the jumps. If you do, repair it in the Pay’N’Spray before you start.

Drive through the doors and head into the lift as indicated. You now have until it’s gets light at 7am game time to jump across numerous rooftops to reach the searchlight which should be plenty of time as conveniently time is reset to early evening for you when you start the mission.

Point your bike at the window on front of you where the man was standing in the cut scene and hit the power to jump through it and onto the next roof. If you fall off one of the roofs, you may have to go all the way back to the starting point and you’ll be up against it time-wise. Bizarrely, if you do, a glazier has been out and in double-quick time repaired the pane of glass you originally jumped through.

Later in the mission, the fire stairs sometimes drop down for you on the lower buildings.

To make sure you reach the other side on the jumps use the full length of the run up to get sufficient speed, as this is the most common reason for failure, and be careful of the angles of your jumps. You will also probably fall off a couple of times, so it’s worth topping up your health on the health icons that appear on the way.

Once you’ve completed the mission, there are some steps down to the ground.

Alternative strategy – helicopter

If all these motorbike jumps are proving too much of a hassle, then an alternative strategy is to jump off the first building and then head off to get a helicopter, for instance from your safehouse in the north of the western island and then complete the checkpoints by helicopter.

If you have reasonable piloting skills you should be able to complete the mission in plenty of time and with much less chance of going awry, although you’ll be missing out on the insane stunt bonuses and a fun mission.