Road Kill - GTA Vice City
No more pizza deliveries for you…

Road Kill is the first of the pay phone assassination missions. You’re tasked with taking out Carl Pearson, a pizza delivery man, before he completes his 50 deliveries.

You’ll want to start the mission with a fast car or bike. A fast bike – the PJC 600 – is the most useful as you can shoot forwards as well as sideways, but the challenge is staying on it. Any other kind of sports car is fine as an alternative as it will give you the speed to catch him, the stability to avoid falling off a bike and the power to knock him off as well as the drive-by option..

Head towards the yellow square as fast as you safely can and then it’s a case of lining him up, either by crashing into him in a car and doing a drive-by or by shooting at him on the bike. You’re up against the clock, but you should have plenty of time before he makes his 50 pizza deliveries.

The main challenge is catching up with him. If you’re having trouble doing so, then bear in mind that he follows the same route each time. By attempting the mission several times you can work out where he’ll be and wait for him in ambush and smash into him to take him out.