Riot - GTA Vice City
It’s a riot of a mission

In Riot, it’s back to Ken Rosenberg’s offices to meet with Avery Carrington who needs your help to create some mischief. He is trying to force a delivery company to sell its depot and the valuable land it sits on and as ever the dirty work is down to you.

First up, you can head over to Rafael’s to get some overalls to blend in with the other workers, although it doesn’t matter whether you do or not..

Then head over to the depot and start a fight with at least four workers. The easiest way to do this simply to arrive in a car and start running them down. Take out all the workers this way to avoid any distractions while you’re completing the mission.

You can exit the depot and the workers will chase you in a neat line making them very easy to run over, although you will pick up wanted stars. When you get back to the compound there’s an armed guard who again you can simply run over.

Then either explode the oil barrels next to the vans or simply keep firing at the vans until they explode earning yourself a relatively easy $1000 and unlocking the Avery Carrington missions.

Wait a few seconds and you’ll receive a phone call from Cortez who has another set of missions for you to complete.