Mall Shootout - GTA Vice CityIn Mall Shootout, Colonel Cortez asks you to meet a courier who has a suitcase containing some valuable ‘technology’ that he wants you to collect. As ever in Grand Theft Auto, if you’re sent to do someone else’s dirty work you can assume that it’s not going to be smooth sailing…

Drive over to the mall and leave a fast car outside the western entrance or even better at the bottom of the escalator. Then head up a level on the escalator and approach the courier. Surprise, surprise, it’s an ambush from some thugs with comic-book French accents, so jump down the escalator as fast as you can and get into your vehicle to intercept the courier.

Smash into his bike with your car or do a drive-by and it should be enough to knock him off and then pick up the suitcase. At this point you’ll pick up two wanted stars and it’s a chase back to Colonel Cortez.

Given it’s only the two stars you should be able to outrun the cops relatively easily, but alternatively head to the Pay’N’Spray to the south to lose the stars. Once you reach Colonel Cortez’ location you’ll have earned $500.