Four icon - GTA Vice City
How to keep your weapons…

Four Iron sees you head to the golf course as crooked property developer Avery Carrington asks you to take out a business rival. Head down to the golf course via the clothing shop to pick up a suitably cheesy outfit.

When you arrive at the golf club you’ll see a security scanner in front of you. If you pass through it, it will strip you of your weapons although there is a golf club you can use as a weapon once through on your right.

If you want to make the mission easier, then don’t go through the security scanner. Instead jump into the Comet car outside the golf club and drive towards the pedestrian bridge to the west. Drive at speed towards the bridge on the right hand side and jump up and over it into the course.

Alternatively you can just drive up to the bridge and jump up the bonnet and onto the bridge. This will leave you at a serious advantage as the only armed person on the course.

Once you get close or start shooting the target’s security will attack you with clubs. You can either take out the security guards with your weapons or jump into a golf buggy to chase the target. Or if you have the Kruger, found on the roof at the El Swanko safe house in the north of the island, then just fire and you’ll take him out for the easiest of mission completions.

If you want to do things properly, then get close enough to trigger the security guards running at you and then jump into a golf buggy. Keep ramming the target until he jumps out or better still try and knock him into the water. If he jumps out, simply take him out to complete the mission.