In Jury Fury, it’s back to Ken Rosenberg’s offices to start your next mission. The cowardly Ken asks you to try to intimidate two jurors using your own unique powers of persuasion.

As you exit his offices pick up the hammer in front of you. If you can’t pick it up by walking into it, click on the weapon symbol top right which will replace whichever similar weapon you may have already picked up in the game.

Pick up a car, again a sports car is to your left on exiting Ken’s offices and head over to the yellow indicator. For the nearest juror, simply approach him, but make sure you don’t kill him. Then take your hammer and walk around his car smashing it up until he exits and run away.

Then head over to the next juror. Just use the car you’re in and smash into the juror’s car several times to complete this easy mission.

At the end of the mission your phone will ring and you can now head over to the phone symbol on the map for a new set of missions.