Bombs Away
Jump up on that wall to the right to get a good vantage position

Bombs Away is a mission which requires you to demonstrate your flying skills. And as with Demolition Man the less than intuitive controls make it one of the most frustrating missions to master.

Now you could spent many attempts trying to master how to fly the little planes and how to drop the bombs on the escaping boats while not ploughing into the water or getting shot out of the sky. And good luck to you.

Or you could take an easier route and the chances are that if you’re here on this page, you require a little help.

There is a much simpler alternative which doesn’t require any flying skills at all, just a little lateral thinking.

  1. Once you’ve got into the van and initiated the mission, simply press the exit vehicle button and head over to the yellow triangle on foot or on car. Leave the annoying little plane behind.
  2. Make sure you have the sniper rifle.
  3. Keep a good distance and then take out the cubans one by one. We approached from the west walking along the waterfront and then hopping on the wall to get a good vantage position. Bizarrely they won’t return fire or even run away if you’re far enough away.
  4. Move around until you have them all in your sights and take them all out, including those near the car. You’ll pick up a couple of wanted stars, but as you’re away from the road the cops won’t bother you
  5. Once they are all dealt with, simple head over to the three boats and blow them up either with grenades or the rocket launcher.
  6. Mission passed, simple as that.