GTA Vice City iOS AndroidUpdate: it’s now available to download.

Almost as soon as it was released for Android, GTA Vice City, has been pulled due to ‘unforeseen technical issues.’

While it’s still available on Apple’s iOS platform, it isn’t scheduled to be made available again on Android until next week (week of 17th December 2012).

Some users will still be able to see it on Google Play, but Rockstar advise not to download it until the ‘validation errors’ have been resolved.

After a ten year wait, another week won’t hurt, but it’s still frustrating for Android users, particularly those that downloaded it and were looking forward to getting stuck into this remastered classic.

Most importantly, Rockstar also confirmed that those who did download it from the Google Play Store won’t be out of pocket: “Rest assured, when the game is made available on the Google Play Store, you won’t be charged again.”

And if you’d like to reserve your copy of the next game in the series, GTA 5, you can pre-order it on Xbox 360 here and PlayStation 3 here.