Protect your iPhone
Water + iPhone = not good

Whether your mobile contract subsidy hid the big number from you or not, there’s no getting away from the fact that iPhones are expensive. Also beautiful, useful and an endless source of mobile entertainment but you usually get what you pay for.

As such it is surprising that many people treat their pocket-sized bundle of joy with such indifference.

So, here are some basic tips to protect your iPhone:

  1. Screen: Yes, the screen is hard-wearing, but don’t put it in your pocket with your keys! Also make a small investment in a screen protector – your retailer may even let you have one for free.
  2. Damage: with mobile contracts typically 18 months minimum, you’re going to drop it sooner or later. Invest in one of the many cases available. The ones from Incase generally do the job at a reasonable price.
  3. Water: the warranty may be good, but won’t cover you for water damage. Seriously, don’t multi-task when washing your hands and avoid the temptation to catch up on email in the bath!
  4. Insurance: even with the greatest of care sometimes your luck runs out and either crime or a heavy fall can mean the end of your iPhone, so it’s worth taking out insurance. Don’t take the first offer available and check if your existing insurance already covers it.
  5. Life after death: if the worst does happen, then you can protect yourself from the worst of data loss by syncing regularly to back up your phone. And if your phone is stolen then you may even be able to locate it’s whereabouts with the handy Find My iPhone app currently available for free from Apple, but use your common sense not to put yourself in danger! And make life harder for those who covet your prize possession by protecting your phone with a password through Settings > General > Passcode Lock.