Getting started with your first apps
Getting started - taking screegrabs

One of the beauties of the iOS set of products – iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – is that they come with no instruction manual. They should be easy to enough to use not to require one.

However, this is one of those tips that’s so obvious to some, but unknown to many other new users. Indeed I have to confess to having my own lightbulb moment an embarrassing six months after owning my first iPhone when a colleague showed me what to do.

All you need to do is:

1. Click and hold the Home button
2. While continuing to hold the Home button, click the Sleep/Wake button at the top
3. Listen out for the click and watch out for the screen flash
4. Then go to your image gallery direct or via your camera
5. You can then use the image via the options bottom left (the arrow coming out of the rectangle) or plug in your device and extract it as you would with an external drive.

Job done. No one need ever know you didn’t know how…