Epic Win review
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Get things done in retro style with Epic Win, our Follow That App of the Week for April 23rd 2011.

The ‘to do list’ reinvented in wonderful retro role-playing style. Procrastinators love a good to do list. It helps put off getting things done. However, there may be hope yet with this app that turns the humble to do list into an ‘epic’ role-playing quest. As you complete your task your character levels up, with amusingly dramatic sounds. And you can watch its progress on a map, collecting objects along the way.

It includes notifications to remind you when you’ve missed yet another deadline.

Don’t love
Generally, we love it, but we want to see a little more animation and interaction with the characters. For a paid app, having to do in-app purchases to get additional characters while commercially sensible, still rankles. Some will be seriously impressed, some will think you are a major geek…

A simple idea, intelligently executed. A little pricier than some to do lists at tier 3 £1.79, but worth the investment for procrastinators and achievers alike.

Want more?

Fanboy store review: “If I get a first in uni this year, I’ll be thanking you guys. This app is incredible. Every little thing I want to do is on here and it’s making me more productive than I’ve been in a long time…”

Meh store review: “…Showed it to the Mrs and she thought I was barking mad. So not everyone will be impressed. But I am in a rather odd sort of a way.”

Get it: here.