Tiny Wings review
Fly, little bird, fly...

Help a little bird take flight in the enchanting Tiny Wings, our Follow That App of the Week for April 16th 2011.

It’s rare to find a game so simple, yet so beautifully executed. On first play, you may well wonder what the fuss is about, but the game slowly draws you in, as you learn to master the ‘perfect slide’ launching your little bird into the sky across a series of islands.

The music works perfectly, slowly building in tempo as time starts running out building up the tension and adding to the addictive gameplay.

For such a simple game, it cleverly encourages repeat play as achievements unlock new ‘nests’ which allow you to keep progressing your top score.

Don’t love
We want more. New levels, new islands, new games. Time to expand the franchise. You may also need to close down some of your other apps on older handsets as the game can sometimes hang.

Simply an enchanting game that should be on everyone’s phone. 5 star magic at a tier 1 price.

Want more?

Fanboy store review: “for your sake and your family’s sake, don’t buy this game! Apparently I have missed the last 2 weeks if my life playing this game, to the point where I have been expelled, I’m on the missing person’s list and I have a wonderful moustache. Its addictiveness is far too damaging for most peoples’ lives, and I was not strong enough.”

Meh store review: “nothing special, a bird flies over humps, I have got free games more exciting than this, not worth buying!”

Get it: here.