Tiny Wings spreads its wings
Spread your wings and fly…

Tiny Wings is a former Follow That App of the Week and one of our favourite apps of all time.

In our original review, we loved the game, but said “We want more. New levels, new islands, new games. Time to expand the franchise.”

It’s taken a while, but those new levels islands and games have arrived with a major update to the app. Now alongside the original island challenges ‘Day Trip’ is a new set of islands and a new game mechanic ‘Flight School’. In Flight School you race against three other tiny birds and your best times to reach your nest as fast as you can. First there gets the biggest fish, last there gets the smallest and doesn’t progress the level.

It’s familiar enough to regular players of the game, but different enough to unlock hours more of gameplay.

And encouragingly they have taken a leaf out of Angry Bird’s book (or should that be a feather out of their nest?) and have a teaser to show more islands coming soon, potentially opening up a new revenue stream through in-app purchases, although again they may follow the phenomenally successful Angry Birds but simply having the best updates possible to re-engage their user base and build word of mouth.