Having re-engaged with this blog, it’s been interesting to see the old traffic levels flowing back as Google noticed it’s once liked niche technology blog is back again.

This blog is currently back on hosted WordPress.com now the ad testing is done, so there’s no adsense revenue at stake whether the traffic surges or falls. However, part of the addiction of blogging is watching your visitor levels rise and fall and working out which factors have influenced it.

Having posted a slightly less than complementary post about Lady Gaga, I was interested to see if that would get picked up and the actual point of the article distorted in a good old internet pile-on!

So, logging in yesterday, I was surprised to see a massive peak of traffic several times higher than the site’s highest day of the last month. A quick mouseover revealed what would have been a rather cruel gag if there was any ad or reputational revenue at stage, as it said ‘April fool!’

Amusing, but so, so, cruel WordPress!wordpress april fool