water, iPhone and brown rice
water + iPhone = not good

I have something of a conversation piece on my desk – a bowl of brown rice. Not a week goes by without someone commenting on it, bemused by its presence, with only a solitary person recognising what it is there for (a mobile veteran).

Having dropped one iPhone in the bath and another in the sink, I had to become something of an expert at trying to save water-ridden iPhones – or perhaps I should have put my energy into not dropping them in the first place.

The tip came from one of our mobile agencies as I recounted my tale of horror. Brown rice.

Its ability to slowly absorb moisture and reduce corrosion is the key. If your phone has been completely submerged, in the bath example, then there’s little you can do. However, a quick dip in the sink may be salvageable, with an equally quick application of brown rice.

Dry it as quickly as you can, completely cover in brown rice, then leave for over 24 hours and start your vigil. After my sink dip, the phone behaved very strangely immediately afterwards, but after its longer rice bath, restarted and has worked fine ever since bar a slight problem with staying on ‘vibrate’.

There’s no guarantee it will work, but there’s hope and that’s better than the cost of a new one…